Photo Gallery

All the pictures you see on this gallery are actual pictures from before my accident, at the hospital and 2 years after the accident. Pictures have not been modified or touched up so you can see and witness Gods miracles and power of healing. All you need to do is "Ask and you will be given". That is what I did.


Over the course of the last three years, I have undergone a total of 41 surgeries and 60 blood transfusions. There will be more surgeries to come. I am prepared to face those challenges when they arise.

Those were difficult times and they still are, when I undergo new surgeries. When I look back t the surgeries and think about what it was like to endure them; especially the ones on my airway, it is not the pain that I dwell on. Instead, I refocus my thinking and I remember that life is too short to cloud my mind with negative things. Of course I have to try to deal with negative things that arise in my life, but I do my best to concentrate on all the positives that re here and that are yet to come.

Overall, I am looking forward to a better tomorrow. Every day is a gift and no one should take life for granted. Cherish every moment and give all the love you can. You will be amazed how much love you will get back in return.

Below is my picture gallery where you will see before pictures, hospital pictures and after pictures: