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Ani Yarijanian

In 2004, Ani's husband Tony was burned over 90% of his body in a horrific explosion. Doctors told her to make funeral arrangements. Ani's husband (author of the book Reborn Through Fire) will tell you that when his chance for survival was less than one percent, his dedicated, loving wife never gave up. When visitors fainted or became sick at the sight and smells of her Tony's badly burned body, Ani held steadfast, chin up, and made declarations that some doctors did not believe but which proved to be prophetic: "He will live. He will not die."

Her bedside vigils are inspiring, but Ani's intimate relationship with her faith and her giving nature is far-reaching. She gave freely of her time to other people, to families who knew sorrow, loss and tragedy. She made the rounds of the burn ward with hopeful words and gentle prayers to offer other families. They were grateful for and in need of, her strength. Ani saw the need because she has a natural affinity toward advocating and being a soldier for those who need a shoulder. This is not necessarily a learned skill, it is a gift. She has faced challenges most of us cannot envision and she has an uncanny ability to rise to the occasion at hand and evolve as a human being as a result. Case in point:

It is not surprising that it is within Ani's character to want to give back in life some of the blessings she has received. Ani and Tony started Survivor's Hope ministries, which helps survivors of trauma. She is a teacher, amongst women and humanity, for it is by her example that we can learn to make an impact on others' lives the way she has. Her gifts of strength, grace, optimism and faith despite the odds make her a woman whose true callings in life are just beginning.

Tony Yarijanian

Picture a modest nine year old Armenian boy; changing brakes to make an honest wage. His father, a respected and well-liked cab driver, has instilled within him a solid work ethic. The backdrop is war torn Tehran, Iran.

This boy of humble beginnings escapes death twice and is dubbed early on: the miracle man. Thinking he has left the grim reaper behind him, he immigrates to The United States. He is a good student; fluent in several languages, and he relaxes into his lifeā€¦ confident that he couldn't possibly be faced with near-death three times. But his biggest challenge has yet to befall him.

An accident left Tony burned with 3rd degree burns to over 90% of his body. Doctors gave him a 1% chance of survival. Miraculously he survived and God gave him a second chance of life. Tony had the tremendous support of family. Today, Tony is very grateful is giving something back to the community.

Survivor's Hope Mission

Hope and integrity first; no prejudice. Physical facility with committed trained staff; dedicated to being a respected support center growing toward national and international recognition. Emphasis on renewal of hope for survivors of devastating personal crises. Assessing each survivor's unique situational needs. Offering: shelter, counseling, food, clothing, supplies, transportation, and more. Promotion through website, media, speaking engagements and flyers. Humbly open to gifts of online auction items and monetary support from individuals and companies. Profits from merchandise with Survivors Hope logo to assist in making a burn survivor's big dream to "make a difference" -a reality.


Reborn Through Fire

Let the whole world know that you are not a victim but a Survivor!